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Compassionate Use (Expanded Access) Request Portal

User guidance

How do I create a Compassionate Use request?

To create a request, you will select the Create Request command on the menu bar or the Create Request button the on the site home page. This option will only be available to users who are logged in to the application. Note: You must SUBMIT the request form, not just save it, to send the information to GSK.

How do I create an account to log in?

You will select the Create Profile command on the menu bar. This will provide a screen which will prompt for the information necessary to create an account and walk you through the steps. The steps will include a "verification" where an email will be sent to you to verify that the account email address used as your ID, was entered correctly.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, you will need to use the “Forgot Password” function found on the sign on page.

Can I expedite my request if the situation is an emergency?

There is no specific "expedite" feature in the application. However, you will have the opportunity to enter this additional information on your request form.

How long will it take for someone from GSK to contact me?

You will receive a notification that GSK has received your request within 24 hours after you submit. Please make sure you check your "spam" folder. The email will be sent from a "no-reply@idea-point.com" email address. The person at GSK who is assigned to this request will be in contact as soon as possible, usually within 3 business days. If the request, in the additional information section, indicates an emergency then the GSK contact will try to be in contact more quickly.

What is the overall process for a Compassionate Use request?

The process starts when the request is submitted by the treating physician. Once GSK receives the request they will contact the treating physician to confirm information about the current situation and gather any required additional information. Once GSK has contacted the treating physician and ensured that necessary information is available, GSK will make a decision on medical eligibility as quickly as we can. Favourable review of medical eligibility is only the first step, however, and does not mean GSK has approved the request, as local regulatory and supply requirements must be met.

What do I do if I need to update the information for my request or cancel it?

Once submitted, you cannot update or cancel the request. As part of the standard process, you will be contacted by GSK in response to your request. At that point, you can update the GSK person assigned to the request who will be able to update or cancel your request as instructed.

What do I do if I experience technical difficulties registering or submitting my request?
What do I do if I need to submit an urgent request and am experiencing technical issues?

Please only contact GSKClinicalSupportHD@gsk.com if you are unable to submit your request through the portal.

What do I do if I wish to unsubscribe/deregister?

Please send an email to GSKClinicalSupportHD@gsk.com asking to unsubscribe from the system.

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